Finally. Continuous Integration,

made for IoT

Build. Test. Ship.

Spanner CI automates all of the gruntwork of building Software for IoT devices. Every time you push a code, we automatically check it for defects, build it, and then run functional tests -on the actual hardware- to make sure your product still works as expected.

Peace of Mind for IoT Developers

Spanner CI makes sure any update you send is properly built, tested, and proven.Because tested code leads to great products. And great products lead to happy customers.

Reduce Cost. Reduce Time to Market. Increase Productivity

By automating all of the tedious, time consuming jobs, developers spend less time finding issues and more time writing code. You need less manual testing, saving you time and money. Your products are ready faster, cheaper, and more robust! And if you issue Over the Air updates, you are certain that each update is always tested.

Code Quality Checks

By checking the quality of the code every time a developer pushes a new version, you can ensure the readability, the cleanness, and the maintainability of your code.

This leads to faster development, reduces bugs, and keeps developers happy.

Automated Builds

For every code version we will build your firmware to give you a working binary that everyone on the team can use.

This also gives you a history of properly-built binaries for each version of your code.

And if you use a deployment service, we can also send the new binary to your staging devices for testing.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing has finally arrived for IoT & Embedded Devices!

Functional tests ensure a product's functionality, and verify that an update fixes the issues or adds the functionality it's supposed to. The only problem is, it wasn't available for physical devices. Until now!

Using our Cloud Software & Hardware combo, you can test the functionality of physical devices, with simple test scripts written in a high-level language like Python.

How it works