Finally. Continuous Integration,

made for Embedded Hardware

Build. Test. Ship.

We remove all of the gruntwork of building Embedded Software. With Spanner CI, you can run automated functional tests -on your actual hardware- to make sure your product works as expected.

Peace of Mind for Embedded Developers

Spanner CI makes sure every version of your firmware is properly built, tested, & proven. So you can be sure your product will not fail at the hands of your customers.

Reduce Cost. Reduce Time to Market. Increase Productivity

Spend less time finding issues and more time writing code & building products. With Spanner CI, your products are ready faster, cheaper, and they are more robust!

Automated Firmware Builds

For every code version, we will build your firmware and give you a working binary that everyone on the team can use, as a single source of truth. No more "works on my machine" fights.
Out-of-the-box support for major architectures, like ARM, ESP32, Particle, etc

Spanner CI keeps a history of binaries for each commit. So you can always test an earlier version to see if a bug was introduced at some point, or deploy an earlier build.

After building the new binary, easily deploy it to your staging devices for testing. Either through integrations with OTA Providers (AWS IoT, Google Cloud, Azure IoT, Particle, Balena, etc), or using your own custom solution.

Automated Functional Testing

Easy, cheap, and automated functional testing has finally arrived for IoT & Embedded Devices!

Using our Cloud Software & Hardware combo, you can run Device-Under-Test scenarios, and test all the functionality of your hardware. Drive physical inputs, mock sensors, and check physical outputs. Easily, with simple scripts in a high-level language like Python.

Make sure your products are repeatedly tested during development, with reproducible, comparable, and valid results. And get peace of mind, knowing your product is flawless.

Test every version of your code. In the R&D lab, the QA department, even in the factory floor.

How it works